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Dr. John Cece
Your Waldwick Chiropractor

What can I say? Dr. Cece just has this "magic pixie dust touch"  where he waves his magic wand and you're fixed.

--Nancy Beard ( Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall, Lead Dancer)

This is a testimonial for my care under Dr. John Cece. In October of 2006 I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis after several visits with orthopedic doctors, physical therapists, treatments with epidural injections, TENS machine, traction and anti-inflammatory medicines. I have found that chiropractic care gave me the best results. Mentally, I was at the end of my rope. Driving, walking and my everyday chores were a challenge. Physically, I was unable to sit or stand for long periods of time. Laying in bed was my only relief. Emotionally, fear and depression overcame me. "Is this what my life has become?" Dr. Cece gave me the light at the end of the tunnel. He specializes in my condition, Spinal Stenosis. I am driving, walking more and standing for longer periods of time. I am working every day and I thought I would have to give that up too. I work in a pre-school with 3 to 5 year olds; there is a lot of standing, bending and walking. Thank you, Dr. John Cece. I pray for you every day. May you have good health to be able to take care of your patients, like me.

--Hanora O'Hanlon

  • "I have visited over 6 chiropractors over the past 10 years... Dr. Cece was the one to finally reel in my old high school wrestling injuries. He is also on the cutting edge of sports performance... he keeps my body functioning at high performance levels. As a competitive Crossfit Athlete, it essential.
    As Doc says... "you'd take care of a high performance sports car in the shop, right? well, we do the same for you""
    --John Khanjian
  • "The BEST! Amazing at what he does, and he and his staff are just awesome!"
    --Ray Traitz
  • "Great patient care. Never rushed and gets results and relief"
    --John Reilly
  • "He's the best!!! I drive in from the city because nobody is as good. I always walk out feeling like a new woman. Thanks to him, my back spasms are in check, and I can run and do all my favorite activities again. As always, thanks, Dr. Cece!"
    --Kristin Nazario
  • "Dr. Cece has magic fingers. My family has been going to him for at least 10 years."
    --Robin Jacoby Ringer
  • "Dr Ceci is premier in his field. Caring and always very interested and focused on your own well being. Highly recommended."
    --Pete Malvasi
  • "Dr. Cece is an excellent Chiropractor. Thoughtful, compassionate and always available."
    --Mike Santangelo
  • "At 79 years, I have lots of energy, flexibility and quick reflexes. Everyone tells me I look great for my age -- I tell them it’s my Chiropractor, Dr. John Cece. I’ve been receiving adjustments from Dr. Cece every month, ever since he started his practice. Over the years, his magic touch and deep knowledge have resolved shoulder injuries, back traumas and kept my allergies in check. Dr. Cece is my first line of defense and the best meds-free, non-invasive health maintenance I know. The benefits of keeping my spine adjusted, my nervous system open and my circulation flowing has added to my longevity and helped me remain active and engaged in life. Thank you, Doc! Sol"
    --Sol Rothman
  • "Not all chiropractic doctors are created equal. There is no question in my mind that under the skilled care of Dr. John T. Cece, the quality of my life has improved immeasurably.In the spring of 2003, I was in an auto accident in which I was read ended and suffered neck and back injuries. After five months of physical therapy (all that my insurance would cover), I started to receive treatment with Dr. Cece. Since that time I have made steady improvement to the point that there are times that I am pain free. The beauty of this is obvious but past that point is the fact that I am a very active sixty-one year old who wants to enjoy life to its fullest and then some. Under the treatment with Dr. Cece, I am achieving that goal and have my eye on the prize…to live a rich life full of family, travel, physical activity…all with the freedom of movement. Thank you Dr. Cece."
    --Lynn Groel-Lynch
  • "After my 2nd low back surgery began to fail, I was treating with a physical therapist for the subsequent lower back and leg pain. He knew of Dr. Cece's reputation for treating difficult spine cases and decided it would be best if I sought out his care. Initially, Dr. Cece explained my case to me in great detail. As we began treatment, my pain improved dramatically. Through consistent treatment my scar tissue softened, my spine stayed balanced and became much more flexible. He has also guided me in discussing vitamin/nutritional supplementation that would support my healing. At this time, I ride a motorcycle over great distances and operate heavy equipment. I am able to enjoy just about any activity not only without pain, but with great confidence in my lower back."
    --Jay Vander Platt
  • "Before receiving treatment from Dr. Cece, I had severe lower back pain. I was told this was because of spinal stenosis. I was unable to lift anything over 10lbs. and was in excruciating pain, particularly after sitting. For one year I sought help through a variety of ways, e.g., physical therapy, and sought answers to my problems through MRIs. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Cece, the pain has greatly diminished and I am able, once again, to lift my grandchildren and play a round of golf."
    --Joanne Hodde
  • "After having knee and back surgery, I suffered with pain and problems with balance for many years. After visiting all kinds of doctors, I had almost given up on any improvement. As a last resort, I visited Dr. John Cece and in a few visits experienced a remarkable improvement in both pain and equilibrium."
    --Reneé Phillips
  • "I injured my back biking several years ago. I had the classic "cannot move an inch" pain, sciatic pain shooting all the way to my toes, couldn't walk. After the most severe pain had gone, I was left with an ache-a moderate pain that would not go away, not even for one day. I tried everything--physical therapy, massages, even a surgeon. I had tried several different chiropractors, but nothing and no one helped. I was resolving myself to life in pain. Then my husband, who had already been going to Dr. Cece, told me to give him a try. He was the only one who was able to cure me. This was seven years ago, and I have been pain free ever since."
    --Eva Pantuso
  • "I've had a lower back problem for years, and when it flares up it's pretty painful. This year I was lucky to discover Dr. Cece, and what a difference that's made. After just a few treatments my back was pain free and I felt terrific. Although the initial episode that brought me to Dr. Cece has long been resolved, I've been coming back for "well" treatments. Each visit leaves me feeling a wonderful combination of stimulation and relaxation. I have always led a very active life, and with Dr. Cece's skill and help, I continue to stay active, busy, involved and pain free-even at age 74."
    --Betty Weisenfeld