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    John Thomas Cece,
    D.C., C.C.R.D.

    My “Human” style of practice. How Personal Tragedy Shaped Me.

    On the right side of the pages of my website there is a short testimonial comment which states that I am so “human.” The meaning of which, I believe, includes caring, communicative, perhaps even “easy going.” I thought it might be a good idea to explain how I developed this style.

    The genesis lies in my father’s illness. Without being too macabre, prior to his passing in 1997 the statistic listed on the back of his “health card” documenting the last 4 years of his life read: 12 hospital stays, 7 surgeries, 3 amputations, and countless visits to doctors and specialists. During these years I became his “father,” and aided, along with my mother and sister, in his care and wellbeing. Yet, because of my training as a chiropractor, I became the “paterfamilias.”

    Influencing me the most along this journey were two doctors, in two different hospitals, with two different specialties. They were also the two best and most decorated doctors I would meet. Those doctors were Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Rigolosi of Englewood and Holy Name Hospitals respectively. Ibrahim is a world-renown vascular surgeon and Rigilosi the same in nephrology (kidney). In fact, they built an entire wing on the hospital just for Dr. Rigolosi.

    Keep in mind I was a very young, late 20’s, at the time and had just begun practicing myself. Therefore, what I observed from these gifted physician’s really made an impression on me. They were both incredibly easy to talk to, and, they were never arrogant or dismissive of any question or in any way. There is a saying that “behavior never lies.” Which translates into what a person does defines that person far more than what he or she may say. So, with this quote in mind, I personally witnessed Ibrahim on his hands and knees cut my Dad’s toe nails. He could have easily passed off this simple and menial chore to a nurse or intern but he cared so much that he would not risk anyone creating a cut (that could be difficult to heal) on my Dad’s foot. As for Rigolosi, one time when his staff was busy, he picked up the phone and called my Dad’s insurance company to verify his benefits. And, on another occasion, he validated our parking so that we would not have to pay at the booth...Are you kidding me?...They don’t show this stuff on TV doctor shows.

    My Dad eventually passed away but in my journey with him I learned that the best healers were not only skillful and intelligent but humble and caring. My heartfelt thanks for Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Rigolisi for caring for my Dad and for showing me the way.

     Some Facts Below About Dr. Cece 


    • Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor 
      Cleveland Chiropractic College
      Kansas City, Missouri
    • Doctor of Chiropractic 
      New York Chiropractic College
      Old Brookville, New York
    • Bachelor of Arts in Health Science 
      University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia

    Professional & Community Involvement

    • News Channel 10 'To Your Health' segments - Subject Matter Expert 
    • A&P Tennis Classic, Mahwah, New Jersey - Attending Chiropractic Physician 
    • Ramsey Chamber of Commerce President
    • Paterson Arabian Knights team physician - Flag Football National Champions
    • Peerless Boilers - Company Physician, Waldwick, New Jersey
    • Former NCAA Division I Athlete in Football & Baseball