Out of Town Patients

If you are considering coming to see us from out of town (needing to fly in and stay for an extended period), please call us first to discuss your situation with Louise, our office manager.

The most common issues that people come to us from far distances is for second opinion as to need for surgery and other spinal problems that have been recalcitrant to other forms of treatment. For cases like this plan to stay in the Ramsey area for at least one week so we can perform at least 2-3 treatments and observe you during this time. At the very least we should be able to give you some good feedback on how long your healing process should take and what you can do at home to keep the process moving forward.

After this one week stay, patients can then come back for a follow-up in 2-4 weeks. For the follow-up, plan on staying for one day then going back home. At this point we should be able to track a good healing process in you and make further recommendations for self-care at your home.

At this point, depending on how you’re feeling and on what kind of progress you’re making, we will plan follow-ups every few weeks depending on what is in your best interest, and what you are capable of doing.

This is not an ideal treatment program, and for the longest time we were hesitant to treat patients from out of town, but it just ended up happening this way so we do the best we can.

It started out as a few local patients wanting their relatives to come for care at our clinic so the relatives stayed with them. But then these relatives wanted their friends from back home to come and they had to stay at a hotel. Then it just grew from there.

People call and ask to be treated for chronic pain issues like back and neck pain, but this is a bad idea and we don’t recommend traveling long distances for pain issues. The stress of the journey and sleeping in a hotel will be counterproductive to the treatment of chronic pain.

Most of our out of town patients stay at the Best Western in Ramsey, which seems to have the best prices and is close to major highways and our office. The address for Best Western is 1315 Route 17, Ramsey, NJ 07446 and their phone number is 201-327-6700. The closest airport is Newark, NJ, and you will need to rent a car to get around.