Prenatal Care

In addition to his education and experience guiding women through the pleasures and challenges of pregnancy, Dr. Cece is a warm and compassionate doctor with a commitment to lifelong learning. He is as concerned with the art of chiropractic as he is the science.

My office is set up to assist pregnant women in staying comfortable with their changing body shape. I use a myriad of techniques that can be applied in different postures to maximize their effectiveness. The photos show a representation of them:

Prenatal1.jpg Prenatal2.jpg

 Adjusting Christina’s lower back via gentle instrument in a standing posture:


Assessing and adjusting the neck both lying down and seated:

Prenatal4.jpg Prenatal5.jpg

Applying a muscular release technique to the upper back and shoulders by hand:


Assessing and treating carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist problems which are so common in both pre-natal and postnatal patients.


Helping clear the sinuses using a reflex technique with the instrument set at a healing frequency:


Dr. Cece and Christina smiling while demonstrating a manual mid-back adjustment: