Ear Infections

My son, Graham, 4, has had severe pollen allergies since he was about 2 years old. About two months before his 4th birthday he began having sinus and ear infections that continued for 5 months. He was given antibiotics during 4 of the 5 months and I was getting nervous the Pediatrician would soon recommend tubes in his ears because fluid was always present. It was decided he should have a hearing test due to the constant presence of fluid in his ear. The initial hearing test showed he couldn't hear low low tones which didn't interfere with hearing speech but we had to schedule another hearing test to see if the fluid had caused permanent damage. My husband and I decided Graham wasn't getting better using antibiotics and so we researched alternative remedies and found out about chiropractic care and IUCCA. We read very positive outcomes but didn't really think we would see results as quickly as parents shared. But after the first visit with Dr. Cece our son was able to breath at night without snoring or coughing for the first time in months! Our son has been a patient of Dr. Cece's for 6 months and he hasn't had a sinus or ear infection to date. His pollen allergies have dissipated to a large degree as well. After being treated by Dr. Cece our son's second hearing test came back fine and he can hear low low tones. I thought my son was going to be another child with chronic ear and sinus infections constantly going to the pediatrician and having to take antibiotics and eventually having tubes surgically put in his ears. Thankfully because of Dr. Cece that hasn't happened. WE strongly recommend to anyone with children with chronic ear infections to meet with Dr. Cece.

Grateful Mom - Bernadette Myers