Behind The Scenes!

August 2014: Attends: Preventing ACL Injuries in the Athlete seminar.

June 2014: Attends: "The Ultimate Sports Nutrition" seminar.

April 2014: Attends: " Advanced Lower Extremity Adjusting" seminar.

March 2014: Attends: "Advanced Lower Extremity Rehabilitation" seminar.

Sept. 2012: Dr. Cece studies a review of all relevant chiropractic literature with international lecturer, Dr. Malik Slosberg. The vast information covered is all designed to improve patient outcomes!

May 2012: Dr. Cece donates professional services to two charitable events helping to raise $280,000 for breast and cervical cancer research!

April 2012: Dr. Cece's continues his studies in Articular Neurology. Some of those concepts he discusses in "Fixing Peyton Manning." Dr. Cece's video series entitled "Fixing Peyton Manning" is released on YouTube!

February 2012. Dr. Cece's "YouTube" video entitled Mommy's Thumb addressing DeQuervain's syndrome surpasses 29,000 views!

April 2010. Dr. Cece trains in Nutritional Neurology with Dr. Dan Murphy

January 2010. Dr. Cece releases 2 new videos on "Webster Technique" and "Enhanced Webster with Koren Specific.(Now with 38,000 views!)"

December 2009. Dr. Cece teaches "The Anatomy of Yoga" at the Juluka Yoga studio

November 2009. Dr. Cece release his latest video on "The Arthrostim Adjusting Instrument." (3,500+ views)

Sept. 2011. Dr. Cece continues to advance his studies of Koren Specific Technique with Dr. Tedd Koren in Philadelphia, PA.

May 2009. Dr. Cece studies latest research in articular (joint) neurology with often published, master researcher, Dr. Chris Colloca.

April 2009. Dr. Cece sharpens pediatric adjusting skills with Dr. Claudia Anrig's, "Specific Biomechanical Approach Adapting to the Pediatric & Pregnant Patient."

December 2008. Dr Cece attends world renowned Dr. Jeane Ohm's prenatal care seminar and re-certifies in Webster Technique.

Dr. Cece attends Neuromechanical Conference October 2008. Adding this cutting edge technique will add to Dr. Cece's impressive treatment arsenal for better patient care.

Detailed Pre-natal care flier now released! Among his specialties, Dr. Cece has now released new color brochure detailing how drugless, natural chiropractic is a great treatment option for expecting woman.

June 3, 2008: Yoga disciples jammed Dr. Cece's office to hear the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedics. Not only were the basic tenets of Yoga nutrition, known as Sattvic diet, discussed but how and why they walk in lock step with the newest in today's science, i.e. Epigenetics, Quantum Mechanics, and Hormone Management just to name a few.

May, 2008: Dr. Cece adds the world famous Koren Specific Technique to his treatment modalities!

Dr. Cece speaks at the Juluka Yoga studio in Westwood, NJ! On Saturday, April 19 Dr. Cece's talk melded the ancient wisdom of the Sattvic (yoga) diet with he newest in nutritional science.

Stenosis DVD Released: Dr. Cece is pleased to announce the release of his teaching DVD entitled "Recalcitrant Spinal Stenosis." Within the DVD Dr. Cece discusses and demonstrates how and why the gentle chiropractic techniques he employs create excellent patient outcomes in this most difficult spinal entity.

Dr. Cece adds a new "high-tech" treatment table: Continuing his commitment to providing the best in patient care, Dr. Cece announces the purchase of a new chiropractic adjusting table. This custom ordered table will add greater flexibility and efficacy to Dr. Cece's already sizable treatment arsenal.