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Chiropractic Care Creates Massive Benefits To Athletes:

551097_10150857395442058_1517164059_n_1.jpg Athletes benefit so much from chiropractic because the use of their bodies lead them to be highly susceptible to "Pre-injury." Aptly named, "Pre-injuries" are SMALL injuries that occur before BIG injuries. These "pre-injuries" occur as the repetitive micro-trauma’s of the athletes sport begin to add up (imagine driving a bumper car to work every day). They frequently occur within the segments of the spine "knocking them out of place" and causing them lose their normal motion. (An athlete must be structurally aligned to make the muscles fire correctly.) From here a cascade Andy._Stickballaspx_1.jpg of  nerve interference, muscular fatigue and loss of coordination occurs. So, here is the key, not only do "pre-injuries" to a region lead to bigger injuries BUT they rob the athlete of their full function and coordination. Therefore, they negatively affect performance.

From this point a basic understanding a key neurological concept is important: Neuromuscular plasticity, simply put, means that the brain and nerves will adapt “like plastic” to the stresses put on it. Fortunately, this is a two way street! Under the negative stress of "pre-injury" the nerves will adapt negatively and under the positive stress (i.e. chiropractic treatment) they will adapt positively.

Why can’t an athlete just exercise away any spinal misalignment or dysfunction from "pre-injury?"

Simply put the segmental muscles of the spine are not under primary control of the motor cortex in the brain. The motor cortex controls groups of muscles used in creating the fluid, coordinated movements of the athlete. But, the "pre-injury" "misalignments" of the spine are not controlled by the brain. They can only be corrected by the chiropractor. 

To sum up. Nearly every world class athlete uses a chiropractic! Not just for treatment of injury but also for enhancing and maintaining maximum performance. Pictured on this page are just a few of Dr. Cece's athletes! Note the diversity in age, gender and sports.




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